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Retire With Confidence, Clarity
and Independence

We believe that respect, honesty, accuracy and integrity are essential in developing long-lasting relationships with the families we serve. Our primary focus is retirement income planning, investments and tax-efficient strategies.


Everyone has different needs, expectations and desires. We can help guide you toward your retirement dreams with traditional and alternative methods that suit each and every individual with our Retirement Blueprint process.

Does your current plan Answer these critical questions?

  • 1

    How much monthly income will I need throughout retirement?

  • 2

    How can I withdraw from my retirement accounts to minimize taxes?

  • 3

    How should I invest to ensure my allocations are consistent with my long-term goals?

  • 4

    What is my plan to deal with unexpected medical expenses?

  • 5

    Where will my money go when I’m gone?



Are You in the Retirement 'Red Zone'?

If you’re five to 10 years from retirement, learn the four things that can help you decide if you have the money you need, including:

  • The monthly income you require, over and above fixed expenses.
  • How much you can afford to spend on health care.
  • Whether your investments reflect the right balance between risk and reward.

Attend a Live Event

Attend one of our informational seminars to learn more about retirement income strategies, wealth management and more.


February 27
Dinner Seminar – Clifford’s Restaurant
6:00 pm | Clifford’s Restaurant
March 4
Dinner Seminar – Hotel Saxonburg
6:00 pm | Hotel Saxonburg

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Our mission is to help you retire with the confidence, clarity and independence you deserve.

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