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We believe that respect, honesty, accuracy and integrity are essential in developing long-lasting relationships with the families we serve. Our primary focus is retirement income planning, investments and tax-efficient strategies.


Coronavirus affecting Market Downturns?

In times like these, it's incredibly important that you don't just have a portfolio but that you have a plan. With news outlets and social media buzzing right now about everything you're "supposed to be worried about," please don't let your financial future be amongst the list. We can help.

ASG Response to COVID-19

Due to the recent announcement from Governor Tom Wolf, effective 3/19/2020 at 8:00 PM, our office is currently closed to the public.

We are still here for you.  We will be diligently checking our email and voice mail and responding to your needs as quickly as possible. Please contact us at or 724.287.4071.

We do not accept orders and/or instructions regarding your account by e-mail, voice mail, fax or any alternate method. If you would like to execute a trade or if you have time-sensitive information, please call our office.


Everyone has different needs, expectations and desires. We can help guide you toward your retirement dreams with traditional and alternative methods that suit each and every individual with our Retirement Blueprint process.

Does your current plan Answer these critical questions?

  • 1

    How much monthly income will I need throughout retirement?

  • 2

    How can I withdraw from my retirement accounts to minimize taxes?

  • 3

    How should I invest to ensure my allocations are consistent with my long-term goals?

  • 4

    What is my plan to deal with unexpected medical expenses?

  • 5

    Where will my money go when I’m gone?

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