Wealth Management

Time could be on your side when it comes to investing.

Wealth Management

Our sister company, Accurate Investment Solutions, Inc. ‘AIS’ is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor that traces its roots as an independent provider of financial services to 1989. As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, AIS and our Investment Advisor Representatives, are required by law to maintain a fiduciary relationship with our clients. We are charged with operating in the best interests of our clients at all times and we are particularly proud of our firm’s unblemished compliance record.

AIS’s approach to investment management is fairly unique among financial services firms. We simply don’t believe that investors look to advisors to park their assets in investments and council them to ‘hang on.’ We believe that investors want advisors that are watching over their hard-earned savings as though they were their own. That is exactly what we do. We have, and continue to, work tirelessly to create and identify investment management solutions to help our clients navigate a volatile world. We are not content to ‘buy and hope.’ After all, managing investments for others is an enormous responsibility and we like to sleep at night also.

Our guiding principle at Accurate Investment Solutions Inc. is to help you achieve your retirement goals with as little risk as possible. If you are close to, or in, retirement you simply don’t have the luxury of waiting ten years or more for your portfolio to recover. From stocks and bonds to mutual funds, annuities and retirement accounts, we welcome the opportunity to help you figure out where investment products might fit into your overall financial strategy.


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